Saturday, June 7, 2014

BB Roster update

  • Syncing data between devices and player graphs are done.
  • Importing from BB Ref is done.
  • Import of different rule-sets is done.
  • Exporting a Google Spreadsheet has been much more problematic than expected.  This feature may not be available at launch.  I will probably wait for updates to Google Drive API for Android.
I have found several solutions for the last point.  HTML outputs, PDF outputs, . . .  I particularly want Google Spreadsheets so I can link all the rosters together with compiled outputs.  Currently Google Drive API for Android does not offer data manipulation of Spreadsheets.  Other Google APIs do, but they require current internet connection.  I feel that is too big a cost when I expect GDAA to continue to grow.

I will have output roster to printable html page.

Moving to beta testing now.


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