Tuesday, May 27, 2014

BB Roster progress

Pretty much completed the free components of the app.  Instead of two versions (one free and one paid) I am creating a single app with an in-app purchase to upgrade.  Therefore, even if the free features are completed, I have to finish the upgraded features before I release it.  I am now looking for volunteer translators.  I have Spanish and Italian translators, but they do not play Blood Bowl.  Player/translators would be ideal, because they would know the context.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My BB Roster app development is in full swing

The more I looked at the one other option that existed, the less I liked it.  I guess it comes down to, I do not believe in paying $ for what I think should be basic functionality.  Currently my roster app will be free without ads.  Users will be able to create and DEVELOP teams in the basic version.  Another important feature I felt, is to be able to see all game relevant information on a single screen without scrolling.  Font size will be adjustable, but this does mean small screens will be hard to read.
The basic version is free and will have everything you need to manage any of the base 24 teams on your device.
The advanced version will sync with a Google Drive, have printable spreadsheets, allow customized rule sets/races, allow shareable league and team summaries, and show many graphs of player and team histories.
The basic version will be completed soon, but the complete project will not be released until the advanced version is done.
I am planning on releasing with multiple language support.  I think I have have translators for English, Spanish, and Italian.  If you would like to assist in translation to other languages, please contact me.