Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nothing new

The user interface for a branching probabilities app became more complicated than I thought warranted the creation.  The small gain in functionality over the currently available apps did not balance the complicated interface it required.  I may get back to the roster app I was working on.  Or, the project may be completed as a web app.  I have been working on a website for my local league, the Austin Blood Bowl League.

I have had requests for an iOS version of the app.  Google Play store requires a one-time payment of $25 to become a developer, Apple requires $25/year.  I made the Android version because I wanted it for myself.  I do not own an iOS device.  It is possible that I will make an iOS version, but it is not on the immediate horizon.  If others were to donate an iOS device and/or cover the cost of registering with Apple, I would gladly develop the app.

The ad-supported BB Interception app passed 500 current installs the day after its one year anniversary.  The only suggestion I have received for features is to make it a more encompassing passing reference, such as including Safe Throw and fumble probability charts.  I am very happy with the simplicity currently implemented.  I know of one improvement I can make to the ad-free version.  I can reduce download size and storage footprint.  Since, it will not change any computational efficiency, this update has a low priority.  Also, there are only 10 users of the ad-free.  Maybe if more people purchased the ad-free version, I would make this change sooner.  *hint* *hint* :)