BB Roster

BB Roster is an app that lets you record and develop teams for playing Blood Bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free Features:
  • Create teams from the 24 races included from LRB6
  • Record experience, development and game stats for players
  • View graph history of players and teams
  • View ALL the information needed during a game on one screen without scrolling

Upgraded Features:
  • Import different rule sets (Such as CRP+,  NTBB and Stunty Leeg) that you or others create
  • Backup and Sync data between devices
  • View graphs of player history
  • Output printable roster to Google Drive
  • Output Google Sheet (not available until Google Drive API update)
  • Import game information from the BB Ref app
Future Features:
  • Output Google Sheet (not available until Google Drive API is updated)
  • Multiple language support for this app
  • Multiple language support for reading data from BB Ref
I am an engineer, this app is intended to be functional and useful.  Attractive is a bonus not a design parameter.  To include all relevant game needed information on one screen the font is small.  This app is not recommended for small screens!

Google Play Store (link will be provided when app is published)

Typically anything in white or gray can be clicked/edited.  The gear icon takes you to settings where you can change font size for each primary screen.
You can copy and paste the text output from BB Ref, or you can select BB Roster to handle the original intent.

This was an idea I started in 2013.  I just did not think there would be that much of a use for it by myself or others.  Since then another developer published a roster application.  I downloaded it and did not like it.  Plus, I feel that primary features should be free.  (This may be why I do not make a living publishing apps.)  So, I decided to go back and finish my old idea.

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